Beauties of Versilia

The list of 10 most interesting places to visit:

Forte dei Marmi

As well as beautiful tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches and its historical center, for its festivals, its markets, for cultural events and the nightlife that has made "Il Forte" famous '60s .
The hinterland is rich in history, culture and ancient traditions that wind through beautiful routes.
For those who enjoy the social life, the center of town is full of shops and fashion boutiques that attract tourists from all over the world


Renowned a seaside resort, with miles of beaches, clear sea, nightlife for young people and any kind of comfort for families and children, all topped off with joy and hospitality.
And 'best known for the Carnival, four weeks of madness in which tourists from all over Italy admiring the papier-mâché floats world's most famous. The skilled artisan tradition marries satire with irony every year to address the major issues and events.
The tourist culture in Viareggio is combined with the art, the city is decorated with eclectic architecture and splendid Art Deco and Art Nouveau remains.
The Promenade is the showcase of Viareggio, a wide avenue of more than 3 km, decorated with art nouveau architecture that starts from the port and along the coast, where you can visit the shops of the big brands and refresh in a typical coffee, in which James loved to sit Puccini.
The fishermen supply the daily catch of the great cities of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with fresh fish that you can enjoy the delicious cuisine of Viareggio

La Versilia

Golden beaches, a hinterland of small villages and natural parks, a mild climate and a vibrant nightlife makes this the ideal destination in the Versilia holiday destination in summer and winter, which, thanks to a varied range of activities, meets the needs of every type of tourist.
Sea, mountains, hills, endless sandy beaches and rich vegetation, the elements that give a charm to this area undisputed that the collective imagination, has always been synonymous with entertainment, tourism and light-heartedness, but also of culture, nature and worldliness. Day and night Versilia is able to offer entertainment, shows and fun in its local history, typical of a place has been famous for its unique summers, where recreation and relaxation are protagonists.
Gastronomy is an area of strength, quality and quantity of the typical culinary products is very rich: exquisite fresh seafood from the coast inland to the simple but tasty recipes

Marina di Massa

Delightful holiday resort ideal for a relaxing holiday for the whole family. Clear sea, beaches equipped with every comfort for kids, cool pine forests, where walking and relaxing in natural surroundings, a unique landscape in which the splendid Apuan Alps form the backdrop to the coast. You can stay in one of the cozy hotel, if you love the outdoors Marina di Massa has an area with numerous campsites, which is among the largest in Italy and each year welcomes thousands of people.

Apuan Alps

Protected by the Regional Park are perfect for beautiful excursions on foot or horseback, contain rare plants and flowers attract fans and their walls caving and mountaineering. There are numerous routes to discover these beautiful mountains, suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers. You can enjoy the cool of the woods even in summer a few miles from the beaches, wonderful views on the marble quarries and breathtaking scenery on the coast between sea and mountains is unique in the world.


The world capital of marble from Carrara to speak to evoke marble and quarries, so valuable as to be called "white gold", well known for attracting artists and illustrious men of all ages and from all over the world, from Roman times up to the present day.
Marble is the absolute protagonist of all the places to visit in Carrara, starting of course from the quarries to the Museum of Marble. From the standpoint of gastronomic delicacy that is born among the caves is the famous and delicious lardo di Colonnata

Le Cinque Terre

An area where sea and land merge to form unique and beautiful area, a Unesco World Heritage Site.
Five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, overlooking a rocky coast full of bays, beaches and deep water, topped by a chain of mountains that run parallel to the coast. A wide variety of natural heritage with walking paths and trails with breathtaking views, which you can enjoy beautiful walks and hikes in the National Park


Beautiful village in the Gulf of La Spezia and the Unesco World Heritage Site, attractive tourist destination for its color from the typical Ligurian houses, the picturesque harbor Doria quay, the picturesque Alley and visit the Church of St. Peter and Overview Doria Castle.
Portovenere is located in front of the archipelago with the three islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto part of the "Regional Natural Park of Porto Venere"


Known worldwide for its tower, which enhances the tetralogy extraordinary monument in Piazza del Duomo, boasts a millenary history which sees its greatest splendor during the time of the Maritime Republics. The Square of Miracles cosituisce an architectural views of the world's greatest masterpieces and collects Pisan Romanesque architecture: the Baptistery, the Dome, the Monumental Cemetery and of course the very famous leaning tower, about 56 meters high. It is a treasure chest of artistic, historical, cultural, beautiful natural scenery but also the whole world envies us.


Keeps an exceptional artistic heritage, splendid testimony to its secular civilization. The works of great Italian art are collected in many museums and famous monuments are the landmarks florentine artistic culture. Unesco World Heritage Site, the historic center of Florence collects the most important cultural heritage of the city. Florence vied for walking along the bridges over the Arno or the surrounding hills can immerse themselves in an atmosphere of old world charm. The famous flavors of delicious Tuscan food and wine culture will revive your stay.